The Crystal Shakyamuni Buddha

~~ A Clear Mirror Reflecting Our Mind ~~

─ The Precious Background of An Unusual Achievement ─

The Crystal Shakyamuni Buddha: A Clear Mirror Reflecting Our Mind
H 103 mm × W 80 mm

Under very special circumstances and with many years of effort, our aspiration to make a crystal Buddha statue miraculously and fortunately got a favorable response from Swarovski, the well-known crystal factory in Austria. An exquisite and lifelike crystal Shakyamuni Buddha was finally created in 1995, and produced in a limited series of 1000 pieces. It certainly is an unprecedented and unique crystal work.

Brand Identity in the monthly journal SWAROVSKI published in January 1998

(The article Brand Identity in the monthly journal SWAROVSKI published in January 1998 ever publicly proved the fact that the Buddha was produced in 1995 for a private foundation in Taiwan.)

Austria is a predominantly Catholic country. Those who have helped accomplish this crystal work are Catholics. Till now hundreds of this crystal Buddha have been delivered to the collectors in over 10 countries, like America, Canada, England, Holland, Australia, Belgium, Italy, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong etc. And most of the collectors are not Buddhists. Therefore the whole achievement has certainly surpassed the religious and cultural barriers.

Furthermore, the Crystal Shakyamuni Buddha was made to support the meaningful work (some special projects on culture and charity) in Taiwan, which underlines its unusual meaning and extraordinary value for your collection.

─ A Fabulous Work of Crystal Art Blended with Religion and Spirit ─

When gazing upon the Buddha's image,we meditate on the Buddha-wisdom,then practice the Buddha-truth.

The significant purpose of a Buddha's image is supposed to symbolize this Fully Enlightened One, the Buddha-truth and the enlightened wisdom. As the crystal's quality of transparency and clarity can be served as a symbol of the pure state of human mind-nature, the crystal Buddha is more able to lead people to be inspired by the spiritual meanings of the Buddha's image.

This crystal Shakyamuni Buddha has been matched with a well-designed and handmade precious and ebony illuminated stand (as rare, so not many left now), which is able to create a magnificent and inspiring halo effect to perfectly present the flawless and pure body of the compassionate Buddha. Then you can see a beautiful shadow Buddha and the colorful refractions (The shadow Buddha seems to sit on a lotus cushion). It will give us a feeling of peace and harmony naturally.

illuminated stand and certificate
illuminated stand L 33 cm × H 12 cm

Now more and more people are seeking nourishment for their souls and shelters in Dharma (the Buddha's teaching). The Crystal Shakyamuni Buddha is just like a clear mirror reflecting our mind and a drop of sweet dew freshening our lives. It certainly is the most significant treasure among crystal items. Its value of collection will increase day by day.

The crystal Buddha refracts splendid feather-like luster when spotlighting its base.