About Us

Wisrain International Co., Ltd was fortunate enough to earn supports from Swarovski. This renowned crystal maker in Austria created this Crystal Shakyamuni Buddha for us in 1995. We are not a general crystal dealer, as this crystal Buddha was basically not created for business purposes. It has been used to support “Daowan Cultural Troupe" , especially on the cultural and charity work since 2000.

─ The Daowan Cultural Troupe ─

the troupers of the Daowan Cultural Troupe
the troupers of the Daowan Cultural Troupe

The name, “Daowan” phonetically comes from “Taiowan”, which was a place near a bay in the south of Taiwan where the Indigenous people “Siraya” lived in the early days (Scholars considered it one of the possible origins of the name Taiwan). The Islanders of Taiwan had been fused from intermarriages among different peoples. Their ancestors were diligent and went though all sorts of hardships, that’s why we celebrate “Daowan” as a symbol of the Great Spirit of Taiwan, as well as its Islanders and riches of culture.

Furthermore, we use this name with significant meaning attached to its tribal connotations and sentiments to establish “the Daowan Cultural Troupe” in order to celebrate and pass on the tribal traditions of song and dance down to the young generation with great effort in Taipei city area. Our goal is to participate in the activities of international cultural communications.

Together with other enthusiastic people, we also dedicate ourselves to the charity work besides the cultural duty.

※The details of the troupe’s duty and work have been put on the site http://taowan.twpro.tw.